Occupational rehabilitation service

The primary goal of the "Lootus Õnnele" center's occupational rehabilitation service is to support individuals with health-related barriers, enabling them to successfully navigate the job market by assisting them in finding employment or continuing their work.

When a person's health condition presents multiple obstacles to work life, they can access occupational rehabilitation services through the Employment Office. This service includes a team of various specialists, collectively known as the rehabilitation team, providing necessary support.

Health-related barriers include conditions that have resulted in disability or have been recognized as permanent or partial incapacity to work. The center's rehabilitation team assists in identifying suitable employment areas, adapting the work environment, advising employers, and supporting the client's integration into work life. A significant focus is also placed on enhancing motivation and self-confidence, and developing skills to cope with disabilities in the workplace.

The occupational rehabilitation service involves identifying factors that hinder learning or work and reducing their impact. It supports maintaining or improving work ability, offers recommendations for suitable work tasks and conditions, and develops skills to increase employment prospects or maintain a job.

For individuals engaged in studies, the service focuses on supporting education and preparing for work life to ensure a smooth transition from the educational system to the job market.

It is important to note that although the rehabilitation team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and psychologists, they do not provide medical healthcare services. Their services are advisory and do not involve medical treatments.

Occupational rehabilitation is aimed at unemployed individuals, those in employment, or those pursuing education. The service is not intended for individuals under 16, those of retirement age, or those receiving social rehabilitation services.

If you feel the need for support in your work due to health-related barriers, please contact the appropriate Employment Office branch. Employment Office branch contacts can be found on their website. If you are unemployed and looking for work, discuss this with your case manager. Once the need for the service is assessed and you are referred, you can choose a suitable service provider from our partners.

The occupational rehabilitation service typically lasts up to one year, during which travel and accommodation costs are covered. The aim of the service is to prepare you for the workforce and support you in finding employment or continuing your work.

(Source: Employment Office)

Updated 05.01.2024

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