Speech therapy

Speech therapy services at our social rehabilitation center are part of a broader rehabilitation program aimed at assisting people with various physical, mental, or communication problems. Our speech therapists provide help to individuals with speech and language disorders, communication problems, or those who need to restore speech processes following traumatic brain injuries or other medical conditions.

Scope and Approach of Speech Therapy Services:

1. Assessment: The speech therapist evaluates a client's speech and communication skills, identifying potential issues and determining an appropriate intervention plan.

2. Individual Therapy: We offer individual speech therapy sessions focused on developing the client's speech, voice, and language skills. Therapeutic exercises and techniques may include voice exercises, articulation practices, language development, teaching communication strategies, and speech therapy massages.

3. Group Therapy: In some cases, clients participate in group therapy, where they can practice communication skills with others.

4. Practical Exercises: The speech therapist helps individuals develop communication skills necessary for successful daily living, such as speaking on the phone, interacting in stores, or in social situations.

5. Follow-up Care and Progress Monitoring: The speech therapist monitors the client's progress and adjusts the treatment as necessary. Follow-up care includes regular check-ups and recommendations for home practice.

6. Development of Pre-verbal and Alternative Communication: Working with clients who need assistance in developing pre-verbal communication or using alternative communication methods.

7. Assessment of Assistive Device Needs: Assessing and recommending suitable assistive devices and teaching their usage to support the development of communication skills.

8. Counseling and Environment Designing: Advising clients and their social networks on how to create an environment that supports the development or restoration of communication skills.

9. Counseling for Swallowing Disorders: Providing consultations and interventions for problems associated with swallowing disorders.

Specialized Speech Therapy Services:

- Comprehensive Speech Function Diagnostics: Conducting thorough diagnostics for both children and adults.

- Setting Correct Speech Breathing: Working on the client's breathing technique to improve speech quality.

- Development of Fine Motor Skills and Phonemic Hearing: Assisting in the development of motor skills essential for speech clarity.

- Speech Therapy Massage: Applying specialized massage techniques to relax and stimulate the speech apparatus.

- Individual Speech Therapy Sessions: Offering individual lessons for preschool and school-age children to improve oral and written speech.

Speech therapy assistance is provided to children with various speech disorders such as dyslalia, alalia, dysarthria, rhinolalia, stuttering, dysgraphia, delayed speech development, and general underdevelopment of speech.

Our goal is to support each client in achieving their individual needs and goals.

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