Social Worker Services

In our social rehabilitation center, the services provided by social workers encompass a wide range of supportive and advisory services designed to assist individuals in resolving social issues, finding resources and support, and enhancing their overall quality of life. Social workers engage in both individual and group work, offering the necessary support and guidance that helps clients more effectively manage a variety of challenges. The services include:

1. Assessment and Counseling: Social workers conduct thorough assessments of clients' social needs, coping abilities, and resources. Based on this, they provide advice and guidance for problem-solving and create personalized rehabilitation plans for each client.

2. Individual Counseling: Social workers offer individual counseling sessions where clients can discuss their personal issues, emotions, and challenges.

3. Development of Social Skills: Social workers assist clients in developing communication, conflict resolution, and self-management skills to increase their independence and self-confidence.

4. Facilitating Community Participation: Social workers help clients find opportunities to participate in community activities such as employment programs, interest clubs, or volunteer work.

5. Facilitating Access to Services: Social workers assist clients, including families with children, in accessing necessary social and health services.

6. Crisis Support Services: Social workers provide emotional and practical support in crisis situations, helping clients cope with difficult circumstances.

Services for Children:

- Social workers interact with children, supporting their social and emotional development, and helping them adapt and cope with various life situations.

- Special attention is given to children's educational and developmental needs, including collaboration with schools and educators.

Development of Rehabilitation Plans:

- Social workers develop individual rehabilitation plans for each client, tailored to their unique needs and goals.

- These plans aim to provide physical, emotional, and social support, offering a comprehensive approach to each client.

Our social worker services in the center are not only aimed at adults but also at children, providing them and their families with the necessary support, guidance, and resources to improve social adaptation and enhance the quality of life. The content and approach of the services are individualized according to the unique needs of each client and their rehabilitation goals.

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