Proposals and Complaints Procedures.

1. Introduction
The objective of the Suggestions and Complaints Processing Procedure at the Hope for Happiness Rehabilitation Center (hereafter referred to as the Center) is to ensure the prompt and fair review and resolution of all suggestions and complaints submitted by clients. The procedure is designed to enhance client satisfaction and engagement and improve the quality of services provided. All Center staff involved in the suggestions and complaints processing must adhere to confidentiality and ensure that every suggestion and complaint is appropriately addressed.

2. Submission of Suggestions and Complaints
Clients can submit suggestions and complaints in various ways to ensure accessibility for all clients. Written complaints can be sent by mail to the Center, placed in the mailbox located in the Center's foyer, or submitted electronically via the Center's website. Verbal suggestions and complaints can be presented to the Center's director. If a client prefers verbal complaint and does not require a written response, the issue is resolved immediately. The Center reserves the right to refuse acceptance of a verbal complaint under certain circumstances, including aggressive behavior or limited legal capacity of the client.

3. Processing of Suggestions and Complaints
All written suggestions and complaints are registered and processed without delay. The director of the Center or an authorized person is responsible for the processing. If the response to a suggestion or complaint falls outside the director's competence, he/she forwards the complaint or suggestion to the relevant institution or organization.

4. Responses to Suggestions and Complaints
The Center is obliged to respond to all suggestions and complaints fairly and transparently, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. Responses to suggestions and complaints are provided in writing within 30 calendar days from registration. The response period can be extended to two months in exceptional cases if the suggestion or complaint requires more thorough consideration.

5. Document Retention
All documents collected in the process of processing suggestions and complaints are stored in accordance with the applicable legislation. The Center's director organizes and monitors the storage of documents, ensuring transparency and consistency in all processes.

Feedback Forms
Clients can use feedback forms available in Russian and Estonian for submitting their suggestions and complaints. Links to feedback forms are provided on the Center's website.

The Center commits to maintaining a clear and accessible process for processing suggestions and complaints, ensuring that all clients are heard and their issues are addressed in accordance with high standards of quality and professionalism.

Updated 05.01.2024

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