Experience consultant service

In our social rehabilitation center, the experience consultant service is specifically targeted at adults and children with disabilities, including autism or mental disorders, as well as individuals with behavioral problems. Additionally, we focus on supporting the relatives of our clients, who require guidance and assistance to better understand and support their family members.

Scope of Experience Consultant Services:

1. Individual Counseling: Our experience consultants offer personalized counseling sessions, providing emotional support and guidance to both clients and their family members.

2. Group Counseling: Experience consultants lead support groups where both clients and their relatives can share their experiences and learn from one another.

3. Sharing Personal Experience: Experience consultants share their personal stories and recovery journey to inspire and motivate both clients and their families.

4. Navigation and Resource Guidance: Experience consultants assist clients and their families in finding suitable services and resources that support their recovery and well-being.

5. Teaching Self-Help and Self-Management Skills: Experience consultants help clients and their relatives develop self-help skills and self-management strategies to better cope with daily life challenges.

Goals and Target Group of Experience Consulting:

- Support and Motivation Enhancement: Experience consulting is aimed at supporting both clients and their relatives, helping them cope with disabilities, autism, or mental disorders, enhancing their motivation and confidence, and supporting the development of skills for independent living.

- Target Group: The service is intended for both individuals with disabilities and their family members who need help and support in relation to autism, mental disorders, or behavioral problems.

Approaches and Methods of Experience Consulting:

- Emotional, Social, and Practical Support: Experience consultants share their knowledge and personal experiences that helped them overcome similar situations, providing practical and emotional support to both clients and their families.

- Empowerment and Solution Finding: Experience consultants assist clients and their relatives in finding solutions and opportunities, strengthening their ability to independently manage their lives and cope with its challenges.

Our experience consultants help clients build self-esteem, confidence, and recovery capability, being part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan that promotes achieving better mental health and quality of life.

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