Nursing Services

In our social rehabilitation center, nursing services encompass providing health and medical assistance to people who may require medical supervision, care, or support in their daily activities. Nurses ensure that clients receive the necessary medical care and support to maintain and improve their physical and mental health.

The range of services includes:

1. Health Assessment and Monitoring: Nurses assess clients' health, monitor their condition, and provide recommendations for managing medical issues as needed.

2. Medication Management and Monitoring: Nurses assist clients in monitoring and timely taking prescribed medications, while watching for potential side effects.

3. Medical Care: Nurses provide medical care, such as wound dressing, blood pressure monitoring, injections, and other medical treatments.

4. Health Education: Nurses offer information about healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and disease prevention to help clients better care for their health.

5. Counseling and Support: Nurses provide emotional support and counseling to clients who may feel anxious due to health problems or need assistance in managing their health.

6. Collaboration with Other Healthcare Professionals: Nurses work with doctors, therapists, and other healthcare workers to ensure comprehensive support and care for clients.

Services for Children:

- Nurses work with children, assessing their health needs and providing necessary care and support.

- Educational and preventative activities are conducted, teaching children how to take care of their health and adopt healthy lifestyles.

- Collaboration with parents and guardians is carried out to ensure comprehensive care for children and to develop their healthy habits.

Goals and Approaches in Nursing Care:

The main goal of nursing services is to provide clients, including children, with the necessary medical support to maintain and enhance their health, enabling them to participate in rehabilitation programs and lead as independent a life as possible. The content and approach of the services are adapted according to the individual needs of each client and their rehabilitation goals, providing comprehensive and multifaceted support.

The scope of services includes informing about health and self-care, counseling, assessing disease awareness, teaching how to cope with diseases and symptoms, managing risky behavior, advising the client's immediate network for support and managing health issues. It also involves collaboration with rehabilitation specialists in implementing selected measures and interventions, advising network members, and motivating them to achieve rehabilitation goals, assessing the need for assistive devices, and teaching their use. Services do not include referrals for additional investigations, performing therapeutic procedures, or prescribing medications.

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