Massage Services

Our social rehabilitation center offers massage services as a therapeutic technique to enhance the physical well-being and relaxation of muscles for individuals. Massage is beneficial for those experiencing muscle tension, pain, stress, or movement restrictions. Our massage therapists employ various massage techniques to alleviate discomfort and improve overall well-being.

The scope of services includes:

1. Therapeutic Massage: Focusing on specific muscle groups to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and reduce pain.

2. Relaxation Massage: Aimed at reducing stress and anxiety, helping individuals relax and calm down.

3. Improvement of Range of Motion: Massage therapists use techniques that help improve joint mobility and flexibility.

4. Pain Management: Massage can be effective in relieving pain, such as chronic pain, headaches, or muscle injuries.

5. Emotional Support: Massage helps reduce stress and anxiety, enhancing emotional well-being.

6. Individual Adaptation: Massage therapists customize the massage according to the individual's needs and preferences, considering their physical condition and comfort.

Massage Therapist Expertise includes:

- Speech therapy massage and delayed speech development massage, involving techniques for working with the neck-collar area, head, face, and oral cavity.

- Massage of the head, neck, and shoulder girdle.

- Massage for infants aged 1-12 months.

- Thai massage.

- Posture correction techniques.

- Deep tissue and connective tissue massage.

- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

- Neurological diseases.

- Myofascial techniques and modern principles of pain treatment in physiotherapy.

- Stretching exercises.

Massage Services for Children:

- Specialized massage techniques for children, considering their developmental and physical condition.

- Therapeutic massage for children to relieve tension and improve movement range.

- Relaxing massage procedures for children to reduce stress and anxiety.

Massage is particularly beneficial for individuals, including children, who experience physical limitations or discomfort that can affect their ability to participate in everyday life. The exact content and extent of services vary according to the individual's needs and goals.

The role of a therapeutic massage therapist is to restore impaired bodily functions, prevent diseases, and support primary treatment. The therapist monitors the client's treatment progress, follows doctor's prescriptions, collaborates with doctors, physiotherapists, and rehabilitation physicians, and advises and guides the client within their expertise.

Techniques for Working with Individuals with Special Needs:

- Diagnosis and identification of the client's needs.

- Targeted work considering the individual peculiarities of the patient's diagnosis.

- The massage therapist is additionally educated in working with people with special needs.

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