Doctor Services

In our social rehabilitation center, the doctor's services encompass providing medical care and supervision to individuals who may require health-related care and treatment. Doctors assess, diagnose, and treat medical conditions, helping clients maintain or improve their physical and mental health.

The spectrum of services includes:

1. Health Check-ups and Assessments: Doctors conduct regular health check-ups to monitor physical health and diagnose potential health problems.

2. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: Doctors make diagnoses and develop treatment plans according to an individual's health condition and monitor their treatment progress.

3. Prescription and Monitoring of Medications: Doctors may prescribe medications, monitor their effectiveness, and observe for possible side effects.

4. Medical Procedures: Doctors perform medical procedures, such as wound care, injections, or physiotherapy.

5. Medical Counseling: Doctors provide advice on medical issues and health-related decisions, explaining treatment options to clients.

6. Collaboration with Other Healthcare Professionals: Doctors work in conjunction with other specialists, such as nurses, psychologists, and physiotherapists, to ensure comprehensive care and support for clients.

Services for Children:

- Doctors handle children's health, performing regular check-ups and diagnosing health issues in children.

- They develop appropriate treatment plans, monitor the course of treatment, and collaborate with the children's parents.

- They provide counseling to parents on health and developmental issues of their child, offering necessary support and guidance.

Goals and Approaches in Medical Care:

The main goal of medical services is to assess, diagnose, and treat health conditions of clients, including children, ensuring their optimal health and supporting their participation in rehabilitation programs. The content and approach of the services are tailored according to the individual needs of each client and their rehabilitation goals.

Services include assessing the client's health condition and providing counseling throughout the rehabilitation process, consulting with rehabilitation specialists on the implementation of selected measures and interventions, advising network members and families to support achieving rehabilitation goals, assessing the need for assistive devices, and teaching their use. Services do not include the creation of a medical treatment plan, diagnosis, conducting therapeutic procedures, prescribing medications, or referrals to specialists and additional examinations.

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