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Psychologist services

Service content: Consulting on the prevention and resolution of health, personality and relationship problems. Assessment of a person's psychological problems, state and ability to act. Development of the potential and readiness of a person for age-appropriate activities, work, study and independent life. Counseling and motivating members of the environment to support the person in achieving the goals of rehabilitation.

The main goal of the psychologist is to help clients cope with difficult feelings so that they can reach their full potential.

Problems of children and adolescents that a psychologist helps to solve:
      • unbearable and incomprehensible stubbornness
      • unreasonable or violent aggression.
      • inability to express oneself, shyness
      • sudden mood swings
      • inability to get along with peers
      • low self-esteem
      • adolescent crisis

Therapy for adolescents solves the following problems:
    - increasing the level of social and psychological adaptation of students
   - determination of the readiness of the process of personal and professional self-determination, which includes gaining knowledge about oneself and professions.
  - the formation of a life perspective and the formation of readiness for the free choice of a professional option for the future

 Psychological assistance for adults:

    • survive the loss
    • true dissatisfaction with oneself
    • deal with fears
    • achieve career success
    • create family and personal relationships.

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