Psychological services

The psychological services in our social rehabilitation center encompass a variety of activities and support services aimed at helping individuals recover and integrate into society. Here are some of the possible psychological services offered:

Individual Counseling Sessions: The psychologist provides one-on-one counseling to help individuals address personal issues, manage stress, anxiety, or depression.

Group Counseling: The psychologist organizes group counseling sessions where people can share experiences and learn coping strategies from others.

Psychotherapy: The psychologist offers various forms of therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or psychoanalysis, to help individuals understand and change their behavior and thought processes.

Psychological Assessment: The psychologist assesses an individual's mental health, coping abilities, and needs, and provides a suitable individual plan and recommendations.

Teaching Coping Strategies: The psychologist teaches practical skills and strategies for dealing with everyday life problems, such as stress management and communication skills.

Emotional Support: The psychologist provides emotional support and a listening ear to those who feel lonely or need support in difficult situations.

The services include counseling to prevent and resolve problems caused by health conditions, personality, and relationships, assessing the psychological problems, condition, and activity capability of the person. We work on developing an individual's potential and readiness for age-appropriate activities, work, learning, and independent living. We also provide counseling and motivation to network members to support the individual in achieving rehabilitation goals.

The main goal of our psychologists is to help clients cope with difficult feelings, thereby enabling them to fully utilize their abilities.

We assist children and adolescents in resolving issues such as unbearable and incomprehensible stubbornness, unreasonable or strong aggression, difficulties in expression, shyness, sudden mood swings, difficulties in interacting with peers, low self-esteem, and adolescent crises.

Therapy for adolescents addresses issues such as enhancing the level of social and psychological adaptation in students, determining the readiness for the process of personal and professional self-determination, which includes gaining knowledge about oneself and professions, forming a life perspective, and developing readiness for freely choosing a professional future option.

For adults, psychological help is provided to cope with loss, deal with true dissatisfaction with oneself, manage fears, achieve career success, and establish family and personal relationships.

We are open

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Kadaka center: Monday-Friday
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Tondi center: Monday-Saturday
(08.00-20.00)/or us needed

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