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List and cost of services provided as part of the social rehabilitation service.

The aim of the social rehabilitation service is to teach and develop everyday skills, increase opportunities to participate in society, support learning and the preparation for working conditions.

The service is active in nature, the person does all the activities that need to be done to achieve the goal - for example, he / she exercises or learns how to dress with the help of an aid. These skills are practiced with the help and guidance of a rehabilitation specialist, but in addition the specialist provides exercises and tasks to do at home on their own or with a family member / carer. As the prerequisite for the effectiveness of rehabilitation services is the active participation of a person, rehabilitation services do not include passive procedures such as massage, therapeutic bath, salt chamber, cold treatment, etc.

A social rehabilitation service is a complex service that is necessary if a person has several problems that cannot be solved with the help of individual services (eg support person, rehabilitation treatment, caregiver, personal assistant), but requires the intervention of several specialists or rehabilitation teams.

In order to achieve the objectives, the following services will be provided as necessary:

  • Occupational therapist service
  • Creative therapist service
  • Social worker service
  • Psychologist service
  • Special educator service
  • Speech therapist service
  • Physiotherapist service
  • Experienced advisor service
  • Medical service
  • Nurse service

Services are provided both individually and to the family or in a group, with the exception of medical care, which is provided only on an individual basis. An exact list of services and a description of the content can be found here (PDF).  

The service is limited in time, ie it is provided for the time necessary to fulfill the set goal. At the end of each rehabilitation period, the rehabilitation service provider assesses the need to continue the service and a new application is followed by a new assessment of the need for the service.

More information can be read on the Social Insurance Board's website:  "Social Rehabilitation"

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